3 Hour YouTube Work Plan

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"Daily Success, Daily Videos: The 3-Hour YouTube Workplan for Fast-Track Channel Growth and Revenue...”

Without Ever Showing Your Face, Without Spending Hours Editing or Even Waiting for Months to Get Monetized – And Best of All Only Working 3 Hour Every Evening, All While Automatically Earning Revenue 24/7

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The 3 Hour YouTube Work Plan?

The 3-Hour YouTube Workplan is a revolutionary approach to conquering the YouTube landscape, designed for individuals aspiring to build a thriving channel and make money through ad revenue and other revenue sources without sacrificing their precious time.

We achieve this by creating an “evergreen content system” in the eternal niches that allows you get views in long term basis and your only job is to keep repeating the system, without showing your face, or trying to go viral and without crazy editing.

And as a result…this frees you up to live and enjoy your life while having a side hustle that works for you – this is the 3 Hour YouTube Work Plan.

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I was skeptical but after taking the courses, it helped me grow my YouTube channel and increase my revenue by 40%!

- John Okelue

This is well detailed Y course, I think the next thing for me is to take action. You are surely a man of value, I can't wait to work with you directly.

- Digitise Studio

I started using the techniques in the course and it has helped me passed my $2,000 roadblock. I thought I was stuck there. Thanks so much for this.

- Wendy Jimenez




Let's Face The Truth...

Making Money On YouTube is HARD...

Creating quality content

Sure, you will need quality content but you would not have to do all those crazy editing. Also no need to show your face.

Expensive video equipment

Most equipment cost $500+ and demand you learn a lot of techincal skills, costing you thousands!

All niches are saturated

YouTube is a highly competitive platform with millions of creators. Standing out among the crowd requires creativity, uniqueness, and a clear value proposition.


3 Hour YouTube Work Plan

The only affordable online SPEED-Learning course that teaches you how to make money on YouTube at the comfort of your bedroom (for only 3 hours)

"People Won't Believe You Make Money From Your Bedroom"

To live that life you've always dreamt of, you need a side hustle...

But you can't just quit your job for it.

You only have few hours a day but yet need some big cashflow...

But you don't know what to do....

What side hustle is best...

Or if it is profitable...

And so you watch YouTube videos, only to be disappointed.

With 3 Hour YouTube Work Plan that will NEVER happen again.

12 Hours Video Tutorials

Learn how to create monetizable YouTube videos from your bedroom without showing your face (Mobile Phone & Laptop)

Templates & Weekly Updates

Get real-time feedback, every week. Where else can you get access to THIS level of mentorship for just $49?

Practice Exercises & Bonuses

This will IMMEDIATELY force you to take action... In a matter of HOURS not DAYS

Join 2,500+ Students learning Tube Monetization

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What some of our 2,500 Students and Clients are saying about our courses and services...

3 Hour YouTube Work Plan:

Course Curriculum


  • How to get the MOST out of this course
  • Joining the community
  • How to get support

MODULE 2: YouTube Channel Creation

  • How to create a youtube channel
  • How to get a monetized youtube channel
  • Understanding the rules of buying monetized youtube channel

MODULE 3: YouTube Channel Setup

  • How to create a youtube banner
  • How to create a youtube logo
  • How to customize youtube channel
  • How to setup basic youtube channel settings
  • How to protect your youtube channel

MODULE 4: YouTube Adsense Account Setup

  • How to create an adsense account
  • How to change adsense account on youtube channel

MODULE 5: Niche Selection

  • How to pick a good niche (The Eternal niches)
  • How to confirm niche profitability
  • Why you should not pick a niche
  • Best niches I recommend for beginners

MODULE 6: Keyword Research Mastery

  • How to do keyword research on youtube
  • How to verify keyword on youtube

MODULE 7: Content Creation Gear Recommendation

  • The Gear paradox
  • Best Microphone for beginners
  • Laptops/ Smartphone recommendation
  • Best Mobile screen recording Apps
  • Best PC screen recording softwares

MODULE 8: Content Creation Mastery

  • Android Content Creation (X-recorder walkthrough)
  • iPhone Content Creation (Record It walkthrough)
  • How to create iPhone screen recording videos - Live session
  • PC Content Creation (Activepresenter walkthrough)
  • How to create screen recording videos on PC - Live session

MODULE 9: Video Editing Mastery

  • SmartPhone Video Editing (Capcut walkthrough and editing)
  • PC Video Editing walkthrough
  • Video editing on PC (Windows & MAC)

MODULE 10: Thumbnail Creation Mastery

  • Rules for eye catching thumbnail
  • Thumbnail App walkthrough
  • How to create youtube thumbnail - Live session
  • How to create youtube thumbnail - Live session 2
  • Essential thumbnail virality tricks and tips

MODULE 11: Upload & Optimization Mastery

  • YouTube video title mastery
  • YouTube video description mastery
  • How to find good tags and hashtags for videos
  • How to upload youtube videos (the best way)

MODULE 12: Consistency Mastery

  • How to manage your time
  • How to plan out your workflow
  • How to schedule videos for future

MODULE 13: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

  • Best strategy for affiliate marketing on YouTube
  • How to find good affiliate products
  • How to set up an email funnel for YouTube channel
  • How to do keyword research for products
  • How to add affiliate links to YouTube videos

MODULE 14 : Personal Coaching

  • One on one Personal Coaching & Consultation

And that's ONLY 3 Hour YouTube Work Plan....

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This is a 5 hour on demand video course on how to turn your devices into a money printing machine.

This is great method indeed, I have watched this on your channel but I wasn’t consistent with it but now, I am going to fully take action.

- Digistise Studio, 2022

I was skeptical but after taking the courses, it helped me grow my YouTube channel and increase my revenue by 40%

- John Okelue, 2021

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You'll also learn:

✅ How to set up your affiliate business for maximum profits

✅ How to set up and automate your email system

✅ How to discover your niche and get products to promote

✅ The best approach we use to make money consistently

✅ The best traffic sources to drive sales

This is a 1.30 hour on demand video course on how to generate affiliate comissions daily without having a budget.

This is well detailed affiliate course, I think the next thing for me is to take action, may God bless you for sharing this course at such low price.

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I started using the techniques in the courses here and it has helped me to make $5,000 more a month!

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This is well detailed affiliate course, I think the next thing for me is to take action, may God bless you for sharing this course at such low price.

- Digistise Studio, 2023

The affiliate marketing course helped me to grow my email list from 50 to over 2,000 subscribers—all within 2 weeks!

- Joy Empire, 2022

($997.00 Value)


Content Creation is a very important aspect of every business and brands. The major way of getting traffic and exposure to your brand or business is my content creation and videos are the core content on the trend right now.

You will learn:

✅ Learn how to create high retention and engaging videos fast

✅ Learn how to create YouTube Automation videos with script and voice over

✅ Learn how to add extra B-rolls to old videos to help keep viewers glued.

✅ Learn how to add captions to existing videos

✅Learn how to use blog articles to create high engaging videos

Very good course. All features and processes are explained clearly. I feel confidently using AI to create videos now.

-Magdalena K, 2023.

($197.00 Value)

Who This Course Is For?

✅ You want to learn how to start and grow a profitable YouTube channel, but you don't know exactly where to get started.

✅ You value SPEED! The primary goal of this course is to teach you FASTER than any other resource on planet earth. We will pack 4 years of learning into 12 Modules

✅ People who want to start a side hustle capable of replacing their full-time job.

✅ People who want learn how to create content that generate digital sales.

Who This Course Is For?

✅ Youtubers who wants to grow and scale their YouTube channel and make more money

✅ Students who wants to make money online on their free time

✅ People who already have a full-time job but need a side hustle

✅ People who wants to start an online business but don't know where to start

✅ People who wants to learn about how to create contents that generate revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level is this program for?

3-Hour YouTube Workplan was designed to take somebody from knowing nothing about YouTube or content creation --> to being able to grow and scale a YouTube channel with multiple income outlets (no matter what what device they own).

We've helped people who have literally only have an andriod phone, all the way to people who have been content creator for years but want to up their game even more.

The most common word used to describe 3-Hour YouTube Workplan is "SIMPLE".

We have helped more than 1,500+ students & clients included.

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

How does lifetime access sound?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this program for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Can't I learn all of this on Youtube?

Youtube is a fantastic resource with more free tutorials than any individual is capable of watching on building a profitable YouTube channel.

We even produce 20 minutes to 1 hour worth of free tutorials for Beginner YouTubers every week for Youtube!

But a side effect of only learning on Youtube is that you'll waste dozens of hours learning the same thing, searching for tutorials only to find partial answers and not having precise exercises designed to help you truly learn the skills you're after.

If you want to develop your skills FAST, then 3-Hour YouTube Workplan is for you.

Plus, what is your time worth?

This program will save you weeks of frustrated time searching for answers and rapidly increase your content creation skills.

For some - thats $49 well spent!

If your time isn't worth that yet...

Stick to Youtube until it is!

Do I need to have content creation gear & equipment before starting?

The only Must-Have content creation gear is a smartphone.

3-Hour YouTube Workplan will show you day-by-day how to create videos with nothing but your smartphone.

Then if you decide you want to upgrade to a laptop or PC , we teach that in 3-Hour YouTube Workplan as well!

Should I invest in 3-Hour YouTube Workplan before investing in a Laptop?

That depends on you...

Which do you believe would be worth more to you:

1. Buying just one expensive piece of equipment then spending hours scouring Youtube trying to learn how to master growing and creating content for your YouTube channel?

2. Investing just $49 today developing the skills, resourcefulness strategies and creative approaches to succeed with any device you have right now as well as whatever you get in the future?

Inside 3-Hour YouTube Workplan we break down the exact way to make use of your andriod, iphone or laptop to grow and scale a profitable YouTube channel with multiple streams of income.

But at the end of the day, it's your decision, my friend!

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! 3-Hour YouTube Workplan has a 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED and ENLIGHTENED by the 3-Hour YouTube Workplan, then contact us within 7 Days for a full refund, no questions asked!

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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated on this landing page and discussed in the 3-Hour YouTube Workplan are our personal sales figures and in some cases the sales figures of previous or existing clients. Please understand these results are not typical. We’re not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results. We’re using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE THE 3 HOUR YOUTUBE WORKPLAN COURSE.